Content of Guidline

MOZA Academy Content Guideline for Users

Welcome to MOZA Academy! Please carefully read and understand this Content Guideline before you enter to MOZA Academy.


The MOZA Academy Community (hereinafter referred to as “MOZA Academy”) is established in August 2019. And it is a worldwide photography community built by Gudsen Technology Co., Ltd. , its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereinafter referred to as“MOZA”). This community aims to provide a platform where professional video creators and amateurs share their shooting techniques and learn more special skills of videos. The guideline helps to create a friendly community environment within MOZA Academy, provide users with a platform to share video tutorials, and protect your legitimate rights. All information provided by you will be governed by Privacy Policy.

Basic Principles

    1. This guideline applies to all MOZA Academy users (hereinafter referred to as “Users” or “You”). You shall obey MOZA Academy’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By accepting the principles, the definition of relevant terms and information referred to hereby are consisted with Terms of Use in MOZA Academy;
    2. According to the laws and regulations, if you do not comply with the terms or policy, the MOZA Academy Team have the right to change or delete the content published by the users and suspend or terminate relevant MOZA Academy services used by the users.

User Content

In MOZA Academy , Users shall accept MOZA Academy's Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as Terms). In addition, all user information, contents, and published and shared videos (including unpublished private videos uploaded to MOZA Academy) shall comply with this guideline. Besides, Users shall abide by all applicable local, state, national, and international laws and regulations. In the event of a breach of these requirements, MOZA Academy shall have the right to terminate your accounts and take other corresponding measures. Users are not allowed to publish information that:

    (1) Opposing the core principles specified in the applicable Constitution of the People's Republic of China and other regulations
    (2) Attempting to harm the unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the state;
    (3) Leaking state secrets, endangering national security, subverting the government, attempting to disunite the country, undermining state unity, and damaging national honor and interests;
    (4)Inciting ethnic slurs, name calling or discrimination, undermining the unity of the nationalities, infringing on national customs and habits;
    (5) Disseminating terrorism and extremism;
    (6) Undermining the state's religious policy, spreading superstitions;
    (7) Tampering with and spoofs the national anthem; applying the national anthem to inappropriate business and entertainment activities
    (8) Distorting,slandering, negating revolutionary leaders and heroic martyrs;
    (9) Misusing and abusing the names and portraits of revolutionary leaders and heroic martyrs;
    (10) Degrading and spoofs the leaders of other countries, which may cause international disputes or adverse international effects;
    (11)Intercepting fragments of the law enforcement procedure and stealing other people’s work
    (12)Collecting and spreading unconfirmed fights, rallies, marches, protests, petitions by uniformed personnel;
    (13)Fabricating and spreading rumors and illegal information, breaking social order, and destroying social stability;
    (14)Posting any information about inappropriate and illegal content;
    (15)Disseminating or spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, or abets crime;
    (16)Insulting other users and infringing upon their legal rights and interests;
    (17)Interrupting network security, endangering national security , honor, and interests through network;
    (18) Harassing or threatening any other person ;
    (19) Posting other users’ privacy or personal information;
    (20) Damaging social public order and good customs;
    (21)Infringing other people's legitimate rights and interests such as privacy, personal reputation, and intellectual property rights;
    (22)Posting any videos of others without permission an infringing on their legitimate rights of other users
    (23)Disseminating commercial advertisements or similar commercial solicitation information, over-marketing information, and spam posts;
    (24) Impacting the physical and mental health of teenagers ;
    (25) All other contents that is not permitted by the applicable laws and regulations.

Content Security

By using your account, you agree to accept the guideline in MOZA Academy. If MOZA finds any action that affects the security of MOZA Academy services, MOZA Academy shall have the right to impose punishment against you. You shall not sell, lease, transfer or make other inappropriate use of the content from MOZA Academy and services of MOZA Academy services.

By no means could any individuals or groups prevent or restrict the use of any content in MOZA Academy and spread any virus, advertising software or other malicious codes; Don’t try to collect or spread other user’s information and destroy network which provides services of MOZA Academy for all users; All users are not permitted to engage in deceptive activities, which includes harming affiliations or publishing misleading information; Don’t send any advertisement in MOZA Academy and any disturbing information to other users and disturb the source code of MOZA Academy; Any activities prohibited by applicable laws and this guideline.